Negotiating Tip Brainstorm to get to a Win/Win Negotiation

The best possible resolution to a conflict is one from which both people walk away thinking they gained more than they expected from the exchange. This will achieve a win/win solution. This can best be accomplished when incremental value is created through the negotiation process.
Persuasion Techniques
The exchange of information is the crux of negotiating. Unless the parties at the table begin to work together to resolve their issues the confrontation is merely a brawl or barter neither of which creates value. Brainstorming is essential. It serves to resolve differences and, possibly, create unexpected value to one or more of those involved.
Brainstorming can be used introduce additional incentives or opportunities for inexpensive concessions into a negotiation.

The whole-pie approach to negotiations is based on the theory that the sum of the parts exceeds their individual values. Before focusing on the basic or primary terms of a negotiation, work with the other side to identify as many additional wants or needs as possible. three-people-closing-agreement-sm.jpgThis expands the scope of the discussion.

These incremental incentives/concessions potentially add value to the entire negotiation. They may also provide incentives that may help counterbalance concessions required by one of the parties. The key to adding value through brainstorming as part of the outcome of a negotiation is the disparity of value each incentive/concession holds for those involved. If you do not mind granting a concession and the other person values the concession highly enough to agree to another concession you value, incremental value has been created. Both of you come away with more than you conceded (in your respective minds).