Solve Negotiation Problems By Focusing on the Details

Negotiation is far more than simply sitting at the table and exchanging proposals. It is the process of working through various phases while you learn enough about the other person to be able to engage in a dialogue that advances your cause.

The basic phases or steps leading up to any negotiation include:

• Identification of the problem.
Persuasion Techniques
• Researching the issues.

• Researching the participants.

• Preparing for the negotiation.

• Separating facts from assumptions.

• Meeting the participants.

• Validating your facts.
• Adjusting your strategies.

• Testing your assumptions.

• Re-Adjusting your strategies (this is an ongoing activity).

• Establishing the parameters of the situation.

• Taking a break to reflect or regroup, if necessary.

• Making or soliciting the initial offer.

Each step deserves to be considered before it is undertaken. A negotiator should prepare, plan, and execute on the sub-task level to maximize the potential from every step of the process. Too many people approach negotiations from the end result, their objective, rather than focus on the steps of the process. This linear thinking results in loss of opportunities.

The skill of a negotiator is in the preparation and the art is in the execution.